Moir Gets Knockout.

December 7, 1907


American heavyweight boxer Tommy Burns fights British heavyweight bower Gunner Moir in London. Moir gets knocked out in the tenth round.


Moir Gets Knockout.
London, Dec. 4.- Tommy Burns, champion heavyweight of America, in the ring here successfully defended his title in a battle with Gunner Moir, the English Champion. Moir, who had the advantage of height and weight, was outclassed in speed and science by his American opponent.
Moir forced the fighting in the fourth and fifth rounds, but there was little power behind his blows. Burns then started to go after Moir and in the seventh landed another heavy body blow which made the gunner wince.
The sixth round was all in favor of the American, whose footwork completely baffled his opponent. Moir became very wild in his attempts to het in his right. In the seventh Burns sent home a terrific swing which made an ugly gush in the gunner’s neck. They came to close quarters, the Englishman clinching and thus avoiding the full force of two well meant rights. Some holding caused Referee Corri to enter the ring and separate the fighters. Moir then looked like a beaten man.
Burns came quickly to the center of the ring in the tenth and forced matters from the start. He sent the gunner to the floor with a short right arm jolt. Moir rose, only to be floored again from a hard left on the jaw. He struggled to his feet, but was an easy victim for another cross on the jaw and, going down, was unable to respond to the call of time.
Burns had taken his opponent’s measure in the early rounds, and, although Moir showed marvelous pluck, he was equal to the American in no other respect.
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