Girls, in garb of men, hold smoker

November 3, 1906


Girls who have promised to stay single until their thirties dress up in their brother or fathers clothes, as men, pranking the women with whom they flirt.


Girls, in garb of men, hold smoker
Twenty one Chicago maidens attend unique function.
Cigarettes are popular
Comely Female Bachelor's dress in male attire-- shock nurses with whom they try to flirt-- affair a success
Chicago- West side girls to the number of 21 the other night dresses in clothes borrowed from brothers, fathers, or masculine friends, smoked cigarettes, indulged in free lumch, flirted with West side hospital nurses, and otherwise disported themselves as if they were mere men.
The occasion was a smoker given by the Vassar Bachelor Girls’ clun an organization composed of 21 “buds” who have promised-but only promised- to remain single until the age of 30, or pay a fine of five dollars.
Except for a feeling of “waspiness,” as one of the bachelor girls termed the empty feeling where father’s or big brother’s clothes failed to fit around the waist, they felt fine, according to their unanimous declaration after teh party broke up at midnight.
In four carriages they drove around the city, leaving a cloud of Egyptian cigarette smoke behind them, made the night reverberate with songs and laughter, and finally stopped at the residence of the president and originator of the “stag” party, Miss Bessie Taylor, a pretty blonde.
When all the members had entered the house someone thoughtfully jerked the electric doorbell out, and no human being, especially a man, could enter the sacred precincts.
A few minutes later six “bachelors” emerged from the house. They explained they were “out on a dare,” and intended to walk around the entire block. The party consisted of Miss Bessie Taylor wearing her father’s black suit, white vest, Panama hats. Miss Katherine Lavelle, with short breeches belonging to her brother and high rubber boots; Lenore Poshepshy, attired in a regular “ra-rah” suit, with long coat swung in the back, and with “high water” trousers; Miss Dorothy Wilson, in a nobby suit, borrowed from one Forest Taylor; Caroline Antlers, with a light overcoat, jaunty fedora hat, “fried eggs” pattern, and Alice Wilson, in her father’s best suit.
The sextet smoked vigorously, sautered by a dental college and suddenly espied two winsome nurses.
“Hello, sweet thing,” said “Mr.” Bessie Taylor, to one of teh nurses, tickling her coyly under the chin….
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