Two Colored Men Killed

June 22, 1901


An unknown party kills “two desperate colored men” as they await the return of their employer.


Welborn, Fla., June 17th.—News reaches here that Tom Thomas and Mose Maxwell, two desperate colored men, were killed late Saturday afternoon on the road, four miles east of this place. Maxwell had worked for W.R. O’Cain, a farmer, and had been in dispute with is employer during the day. He threatened the life of O’Cain, spoke improperly before Mrs. O’Cain and was driven from the plantation. Subsequently O’Cain went to Live Oak on business and while away, Maxwell in company with Thomas, returned both heavily armed with guns and pistols, and asked the whereabouts of O’Cain. They left and stationed themselves on the roadside to await the return of the man they wanted. Late in the afternoon a fusillade of shots was heard and the neighbors rushed to the scene to find both colored men dead in the road. There is no evidence as to what party or parties fired the shots.
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“Two Colored Men Killed,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed September 24, 2020,