The Dispatch's Confession

January 20, 1894


The Richmond Dispatch confesses electoral fraud in Virginia.


The Richmond, (Va.) Dispatch has been discussing the subject of election fraud in Virginia with the Richmond, (Va.) Daily Times.
It has persistently declared that it knew of no fraud in Virginia so far as our elections are concerned. Although the Daily Times had cited cases, it refused to give credence to the testimony and declared that the grand juries and prosecuting attorneys would sift the matter if there was any truth in the allegations.
But if we are to judge from its utterances in its tissues of the 17th inst it was not so ignorant as it professed to be. Here is what it says:

“There never was a time when frauds in elections were not committed in Virginia and everywhere else; but we sincerely believe that the frauds committed at elections in this State have been exaggerated a hundred-fold.”

The Daily Times has done the people of the state a lasting service. Its success in making the blind see and the deaf hear as is evidenced by the above extract is highly gratifying.
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“The Dispatch's Confession,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed June 20, 2019,