Women's Wild Run on a Trolley Car

August 25, 1906


“By way of emphasizing her determination,” a woman takes over the train and drives full speed ahead without stopping for passengers.


Women's Wild Run on a Trolley Car
Motorman too slow so she takes charge
Tries to Make a Train
Male at the Controller Fails to Realize Her Hurry, So She Pushed Him from Platform and Turns on Full Speed.
Chicago. --Because motoman No, 516 on the Halstead street line of the Chicago City Railway company refused to put a little speed on his car the other day Mrs. S. H. Chidester, who was anxious to catch a train for her home in Evergreen Park, seized the controller level and turned the current on to the last notch.
By way of emphasizing her determination to reach the train, she pushed No. 516 off the front platform when he objected to her summary action and for six blocks the big car ran at full speed through the crowded streets.
Stops were made for either crossings not for passengers to get on or off and three members of the teamster’ union were shown that other citizens have little right to part of the street…
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