President Roosevelt's Methods

June 20, 1908


An appeal in Petersburg, Virginia, deems that President Roosevelt’s tactics in the Taft campaign are “harsh and brutal,” and that Taft will have a “remarkable handicap” in his candidacy for the Presidency.


The Petersburg, Va. Index-Appeal indulges in the following observations which in a large measure are true of both the old political parties: “There has been from the first something harsh and brutal in the Taft campaign for the Presidential nomination; something that would, under ordinary circumstances, have put the Secretary out of the running long ago. We had not supposed that the Secretary was responsible for this, either through an unfortunate natural disposition or through lack of tact, and probably he has not willingly been. “If any man prominent in public life, in late years, may be describes as a “bull-dozer,” it is President Roosevelt, and he has been responsible in large measure for Taft’s candidacy in large measure for Taft’s candidacy and its methods. The course of the campaign in Ohio, by which men who did not at once support Taft were marked for obscurity, and in the Southern States, where not only Negroes were barred, but the white office-holders had full charge, has been remarkable for its audacious disregard of precedent and of decency, and the credit or discredit may be distributed as seems proper between the smaller managers of the Taft boom and the President. “In any event, the whole affair has so far been without precedent, and discreditable in the extreme, and the work of the National Committee in the decisions of contests between delegates appears to be worthy of what has gone before. “The Republican Party management, with the President at its head is the most gigantic and the most unscrupulous trust in the United States. Hon. William H. Taft will have a remarkable handicap in his candidacy for the Presidency and his only hope of success will be the blunderbuss methods to be pursued by the National Democratic Convention at Denver.
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“President Roosevelt's Methods,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed October 27, 2020,