100 Officers Installed.

July 13, 1907


The Knights of Pythias in Richmond had a grand installation which resulted in the Zion Baptist Church filling up to maximum capacity.


100 Officers Installed.
One hundred officers were publicly installed Tuesday night, July 2nd, Zion Baptist Church was crowded to its utmost capacity in honor and appreciation of the public installation which had never been witnessed before served to inspire and to stimulate.
Deputy J. C. Allen was the source of this inspiring deed. He is untiring in his efforts and is successful in all his undertakings, Prof. J. E. Byrd, acted Grand Prelate; Special Deputy J. W. Larkins acted as Master at Arms.
The officers of the following lodges: Damon, No. 12, Eureka, No. 30, Lily of the Valley, No. 40, Cavalier, No. 56, Star of the East, No. 58, Rose of Sharon, No. 63, Newport News, No. 74, Athletic, No. 113, Prince of Peace, No. 114, Flying Eagle, No. 130, were escorted to their respective places and in a most impressive way, received their solemn obligation of duty.
This act alone, with many other interesting features, planned by the brained men of this city, enables the Knights of Pythias to stand head and shoulders above all the other Orders of the city. After receiving the obligations, change was delivered to them by the Grand Vice Chancellor, T. J. Pree, whose speech enrapt the audience with such surprise, till the cry was, “No man spoke like he.”
Grand Vice Chancellor T. J. Pree, Deputy J. C. Allen, Special Deputy J. W. Larkins, Prof. J. E. Byrd are four of the excellent characters wisely selected to lead the Fraternity of Knighthood in this city. With these magnets, the Order is bound to mark upon its banner, “Excelsior.”
After the installation service they were refreshed by a collation of ice-cream was furnished by the Excelsior Ice Cream Co. a company newly organized and composed of the best citizens of the race with all modern improvements to manufacture ice-cream in all styles, if necessary can turn out a gallon per minute.
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