Killed His Family

March 14, 1908


Four black men en route to jail are lynched by a mob due to suspicions of a crime.


Mobile, Ala., -- Dave Poe, Tom Ranston, and two brothers named Jenkins, all negroes, were lynched at Vancleaves, Miss., twenty miles north of Biloxi, Miss., by a mob of thirty men. The men were in the custody of Deputy Sheriff Evans, of Jackson county, en route to jail, when the mob overtook them. A series of incendiary fired has incensed the people of the vicinity. The four negroes confessed their guilt when the mob took them from the deputy and all four were hanged to the limbs of the trees by the side of the road, where their bodies were found. The immediate cause of the lynching was the burning of the warehouse of Sam Bird last Friday night, when it is said that an attempt was made to waylay rob him.
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“Killed His Family,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed October 27, 2020,