Rev. Dr. Taylor’s Investment.

April 20, 1907


A Richmond minister’s plans to erect four houses for himself and for tenants.


Rev. Dr. Taylor’s Investment.
Will Cost $40,000
Rev. W. L. Taylor, D. D. is erecting three modern brick houses, 12 rooms each for tenants and one three story modern residence for himself on his 100 foot lot on Second Street between Clay and Leigh Streets.
The cost of the first three houses is said to be $14,000 and his own residence will cost, it is said $16,000. It will have 4 rooms, and will be the most modern and expensive private residence owned by any colored man in the state and one of the most costly dwellings owned by any colored man in the country.
The value of the ground, houses and furnishings will approximate forty thousand dollars.
Rev. Dr. Taylor is Grand Worthy Master of the True Reformers and now takes rank among the wealthy men of our race.
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“Rev. Dr. Taylor’s Investment.,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed January 18, 2022,