Free to All! The Great Magnetic Brush

January 4, 1902


An advertisement for a free, “magical” hair brush, distributed in Richmond, promises to straighten kinky and curly hair.


Anyone can secure, absolutely without cost, one of our justly famous Magnetic Brushes. This great invention, when used in connection with our great hair tonic. Lusterone, positively straightens Kinky, Curly, Knotty, Nappy, Krimy Hair. Electricity is life. Its great curative powers are unquestioned. Science has demonstrated that it is the greatest discovery for the good of humanity. Look at the bug. This is the hair germ parasite. They cannot be seen by the naked eye, but under the rays of a powerful magnifying glass the above picture is what they look like. Thousands of these germs burrow at the roots of the hair, sapping its vitality and destroying its growth and beauty: also producing Dandruff, Scurf Tetter, and all Scalp Diseases. They also, by destroying the cells and roots of the hair, cause it to become harsh and brittle, resulting in the hair ultimately dropping out and producing permanent baldness. The great magnetic brush, with the aid of Lusterone, the great Hair Tonic, kills and destroys these germs, thus allowing the hair to resume its growth, lustre, and beauty. We will give free, to all who will order our complete Lusterone treatment, one of these great magnetic brush.

What is Lusterone?

A preparation prepared solely and distinctly to improve the condition of the hair of the colored race. Not a worthless, offensive, obnoxious, greasy mass of injurious nostrums, but a delicately perfumed unguent, beautiful to look upon: made to adorn the lady, polish the gentleman, benefit youth, and gladden old age. Lusterone straightens Knotty, Nappy, Kinky, Refractory Hair. Lusterone does this alone. No hot irons are necessary; no plastering down with grease. Lusterone individually straightens, without any outside assistance. It will cause the hair to come back on bald spots. It will restore gray hair to its natural color. It will cause the hair to grow long and straight, soft and fine, and beautiful as an April morn. It will cure all Itching, Burning, Running, Humiliating Scalp Diseases, Dandruff, Tetter, Scurf and Eczema. Itch cannot live after Lusterone has been applied. It is as pure as the dew-drop, beautiful as the morn, and harmless as the rippling water in the babbling brook. Cleanliness is next to Godliness; filth is a crime. If your hair is short and harsh and kinky; if your scalp is covered with scurf and dandruff, or itch, or eczema, it is doubtless your fault alone. If your little ones’ heads are a mass of crusty, scaly, flaky scurf, teeming with germs and microbes, that are invisible to the naked eye, but which are sapping the life from the hair and destroying it forever, and you allow this state to go on, it is a crime. It is your place to stop this-- a duty you owe to yourself, to your child, to your Maker. Lusterone is your remedy. Lusterone will positively and permanently remove all the diseases, and straighten and beautify the hair, making it silky and glossy and black as the raven’s wing. Lusterone as compared with other hair remedies, stands as high as the mountain peak, fair as the lily, and glorious as the sun. Lusterone is King.

Our Free Offer!
Cut out this coupon and mail to us, and we will send to you the same day the money is received:-- One bar Lusterone Scalp Straightener; One bottle Lusterone No. 2 Hair Grower; One bottle Lusterone Face Bleach, the great Skin Brightener Soap; One bar Lusterone Scalp Soap, and One package of Lusterone Sanitary Wash. The Brush is given to you absolutely free.

Send money by U.S. Postal Money Order or by Registered Letter. Ask your Postmaster. Send all orders to--
The Dominion Mfg. Co.,
106 ½ E. Clay St., Richmond, Va.
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