Forty Hurt In Explosion

March 9, 1907


A dynamite house erupts in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania . that leaves the Susquehanna Coal company responsible for the damages.


Forty Hurt In Explosion
10,000 Pounds of Dynamite Goes Off Near Mt. Carmel, Pa.
Many Buildings Wrecked
Pottsville, Pa., March 6.-By the explosion of 10,000 pounds of dynamite at the dynamite storehouse of the Richards colliery of the Susquehanna Coal company damage to the extent of $150,000 was sustained, two score of persons were injured, four of whom may die.
The dynamite house was situated about 125 feet southwest of the offices of the company. No one is known to have been in the house at the time, and the cause of the explosion is a complete mystery. The office building in which the clerks were at work, the supply house and the carpenter shops, all filled with workmen, were completely demolished, the wood being torn to kinlings. All of the workmen were badly torn by flying splinters, and numerous fractured arms and legs were sustained.
The large hoisting engines in Nos. 1 and 2 shops were torn from their foundations, and were almost completely wrecked. A hole 50 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep was torn in the ground, and the wood was scattered over the entire valley, while the ground, and the wood was scattered over the entire valley, while the ground around was painted as though with black tar. Seven hundred men and boys will be thrown out of employment for at least a month.
The damage to the colliery property will exceed $100,000. In Mt. Carmel, several miles distant, all large plate glass windows as well as many smaller ones were splintered by the shock, while the expensive stained windows in the churches were also ruined.
Fully two-score were injured in the explosion, all of them though being in buildings which collapsed under the pressure of the concussion of air and shock. Four were seriously hurt and may die . They are:
Lewis Dowie, skull crushed. Reilly Arnold, compound fracture of skull, three ribs broken and bad cuts about the head and body. Thomas Pritchard, lacerations of the arms and head and several blood vessels bursted.
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