Black Skin Remover

January 4, 1902


A company based in Richmond promotes a new product to bleach black skin and straighten black hair.


A Wonderful Face Bleach And Hair Straightener. Both in a box for $1, or three boxes for $2. Guaranteed to do what we may and to be the “best in the world.” One box is all that is required if used as directed.
A Wonderful Face Bleach.
A peach-like complexion obtained if used as directed. Will turn the skin of a black or brown person four or five shades lighter, and a mulatto person perfectly white. In forty-eight hours a shade or two will be noticeable. It does not turn the skin in spots but bleaches out white, the skin remove wrinkles, freckles dark spots, pimples or bumps of blackheads, making the skin very soft and smooth. Small pox pits, tan, liver spots removed without harm to the skin. When you get the color you wish, stop using the preparation.
The Hair Straightener
That goes in every one dollar box is enough to make anyone’s hair grow long and straight, and keeps it from falling out. Highly perfumed and makes the hair soft and easy to comb. Many of our customers say one of our dollar boxes is worth ten dollars, yet we sell it for one dollar a box. The no-smell thrown in free.
Any person sending us one dollar in a letter or Post-Office money order, express money order or registered letter, we will send it through the mail postage prepaid; or if you want it sent C.O.D., it will come by express, 25c, extra.
In any case where it fails to do what we claim, we will return the money or send a box free of charge. Packed so that no one will know contents except receiver.
122 west Broad Street
Richmond, VA
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