Great Mass Meeting in Washington, D. C.

March 10, 1906


WM. Lloyd Garrison demands equal suffrage and that the constitution should be upheld in a meeting for “colored leaders” in the country.


Great Mass Meeting in Washington, D. C.
The Beginning of a Great Movement of Agitation is at Hand.
Suffrage conditions in the south-- WM. Lloyd Garrison Principal speaker- the race, through its leading men, demands that constitution be enforced.
One of the largest and most representative audiences that ever assembled at the Nation’s Capital gathered at the Metropolitan A. M. E. Church on Friday night of last week to consider suffrage conditions in the South.
The meeting was under the auspices of the one hundred leading colored citizens of the United States with the Sons of Allen and in cooperation with the Constitution League.
In opening the meeting the presiding officer, Prof William H. Richards, scholar and orator, said “We have met together to remind the members of Congress of the oath they subscribed to, and to urge that the amendments of the Constitution he enforced if such enforcement required all the fun's in our army and navy.” This introduction elicited prolonged applause….
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