Science and Invention, New Window Sash

March 17, 1906


A scientist invents a new window sash to ease cleaning and opening.


Science and Invention, New Window Sash
Glass Framing Attachment Which Gives One the Advantage of the Old-Style Casement Windows

Windows as ordinarily constructed are difficult to clean without exposing the operator to danger. Furthermore, the usual sliding sash construction does not permit of opening more than one-half of the window at a time, so that it is impossible to get the complete ventilation afforded by the old casement windows. A recent invention is herewith illustrated, which in a very simple manner overcomes the above-mentioned defects. The glass is mounted in a frame, which is hinged to the window sash in a manner that it can be swung into the room, while the sash remains in position in the window frame. This enables both sides of the glass to be cleaned without the slightest danger to the operator, and when the glass is swung open for ventilation purposes, it will be evident that the entire window frame is uncovered. The glass-carrying frame is perfectly made of light steel strips, as indicated in the section view. In this manner a very strong construction is provided, which is at the same time very light, and does not obstruct an appreciable amount of light. The metal frame is covered by a molding, which harmonizes with the window sash. The window sash is provided with a lining plate formed at the outer edge with a flange against which the glass frame lies when in closed position. The frame is provided with a spring catch at one side, to keep the glass frame closed. It will be obvious, says the Scientific American, that the sash may be mounted to slide in the window frame as usual. The window may this be lowered or raised to any extent desire. In this way the advantages of the sliding sash and casement windows are combined.
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