Another Court in Staunton

April 22, 1905


“Grand Worthy Counsellor” John Mitchell, Jr., establishes another Court of Calanthe for the Knights of Pythias in Staunton, Virginia.


Another Court of Calanthe, Knights of Pythias, was organized here last night by Grand Worthy Counsellor John Mitchell, Jr. He reached the city at 6:35. He dined at the residence of Dr. M. W. Pannell, where he was also entertained with selections on the piano and violin by the accomplished Mrs. Pannell and the popular Miss Lena B. Trent. Mr. Crawford handled the violin.

The following assisted: Mrs. Fanny Scott, Mrs. Fannie J. Moore, Miss Essie Crawford, Miss Daisy Johnson, Mrs. Lasale Scott, Mrs. Annie Southall, Mrs. Roena Moore, Mrs. Frances Perkins, Mrs. Annie Johnson, Mrs. Margaret Southall, Mrs. Maggie Washington, Mrs. Fannie Brown, Sir W. M. Perkins.

The new body will be known as Star of the Valley Court, No. 87. The following officers were installed: W. C., Mrs. Mary Frances; W. Inx., Mrs. Annie Mickens; W. Ir., Mrs. Mary Brown S. D., Mrs. Maggie Timberlake; J. D., Mrs. Amanda Ross; O., Mrs. Mary Wells; R. of D., Miss Georgia Brown; R. of A, Miss Gertrude Bowies; Rec. of Dep., Mrs. Paulina Young; E., Mrs. Emma Brown; C., Miss Adsonia Williams; Ass’t C., Mrs. Annie Smith; Herald, Miss Missie Brown; P., Mrs. Cora Powell; Trustees, Mrs. Diley Payne, 18 months; Mrs. Mary Williams, 12 months; Mrs. Cora Cosby, 6 months.

This court was gotten up through the efforts of Deputy A. C. Mabrey. The hall was decorated and the repast was fine. Grand Chancellor Mitchell heartily enjoyed himself. He left this morning for Richmond.
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