Stormy Weather Coop

April 15, 1905


A new chicken coop design protects chicks from storms and “insures cleanliness.”


A good, practical coop is illustrated herewith, says the Orange Judd Farmer. On stormy days the chicks can be confined, or by a door at the end have the use of the run. The main door, at the side, has a bar that raises and lowers. This permits the chicks to pass out and in, but prevents the hen from doing so. The hen may be let out when the whole door is opened. At the end outside is a box the cover of which raises so that food can be put in for the chicks alone.

Inside, some slats prevent the hen’s getting at this feed, and a raised floor at this point insures cleanliness. At the side hangs a little dish for water. This is merely a corn or salmon can opened on the side instead of at the end. It makes an excellent drinking fountain.
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