New Beehive

March 25, 1905


A new beehive design with improved ventilation promises “a very satisfactory result.”


The newest sort of beehive is a wonderful improvement upon the old style ones which we are used to seeing in pictures of old-fashioned country homes. It is as modern in its improvements and conveniences as the up-to-date apartment house, which, as a matter of fact, is a hive on a much more extended scale.

The natural sagacity of the honey beer is astounding. If a beekeeper does not secure the proper ventilation of his hives, the bees will attend to the matter themselves, and this is how it is done: those told off for the work secure an attachment with their feet to the bottom of the hive near the entrance and imitate the action of flying. The very rapid movement of the winds having precisely the same effect on a smaller scale as a ventilating fan. With perhaps a score or more of bees simultaneously engaged and working in relays a very satisfactory result is obtained.
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