Knights of Pythias

February 18, 1905


The Knights of Pythias advertise the benefits of joining their organization, including “an endowment and burial benefit of $200.00 for all ages.”


This organization is one of the most powerful in the country and its progress has been phenomenal. The Grand Lodge of Virginia has jurisdiction over all of the cities and counties in this state. Thirty males are required to organize a new lodge. The benefits paid constitute one of its strongest features, but the principles are greater than anything else. Founded on Friendship, based on Charity and established on Benevolence, the respectable, upright people of the state will find it an order worthy of their heartiest support.

It pays an endowment and burial benefit of $200.00 for all ages. It pays $4.00 per week sick dues. The badge costing 75 cents each is the absolutely necessary regalia. For information concerning the organization of lodges, apply at the main office.
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“Knights of Pythias,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed March 25, 2019,