One of the Greatest Negro Enterprises of the Day

January 7, 1905


A black organization persuades readers to join by describing member death benefits.


The Grand United Order of Seven Rising Sons of America, organized in the city of Danville, in the year of our Lord 1894, under the laws and rules of the State of Va. To care for the sick, bury the dead, to care for the widows and orphans, as long as the widows respectable.
The fundamentals principles of this our order, are based upon love, truth, and charity, which are grand and elevating as any ever promulgated by any secret organization in the United States. Yes, it is grand, and the plans and works are as good as any other, and the joining fees in a club are so small that the poorest of the laboring class of our race can join. Yes, it has been so fixed by the help of God, that any man or women of good moral character, honest and sound in body and mind can join this grand and noble order.
Dear friend, will you not start now to begin to burn the light of wisdom? Let us have more love for each other, as Christ has commanded of us, and let us be more truthful to our fellow men, yes, let our words to all men be yea, yea, and nay, nay. And let us be more charitable to each other. There are the principles of the grand and noble order of the Seven Rising Sons of America.
Then why not join us and be men and women, and stand together as a race and lay down plans for our children yet unborn? Knowing dear friends, we are just what we make ourselves. We as a colored race should make ourselves as creditable as any race, considering our chances, and if you will join this Grand United Order of the Seven Rising Sons of America, and live up to the three principles named and be true to your obligations, to stand firm, to help us carry the banner and let it float in the air until it reaches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, then we will be men and women who are working for the progress of our race, to lead them to as high a stand-point as life will afford, yes, not only will we be men and women, but in the time of sickness, we will be with you and take care of you and pay your dues promptly as long as you are sick, let it be twelve months or more. We will not cease to pay or leave you until your recovery or should you die, will bury you and leave our sympathizing tears with the bereaved.
Is this all that we do? No. We also pay a handsome endowment, you will receive on becoming a member of this organization a policy good for one-half of its face value, and at the expiration of six months the policy is good for its full face value.
Look and live, club fees are $1.00 to join this Grand United Order of Seven Rising Sons of America, where we can well together and love each other as God so loved the world. Remember your monthly dues are from 25 to 50 cts. per month and the taxes you pay will not amount to 50 cents per year. Remember each lodge has full control of its money after it has been set apart. Though we have hundreds and hundreds of members, yet there is room for more; though we have thousands of dollars including real estate, yet there is room for more.
This grand and noble order of Seven Rising Sons of America stands firm and cannot be denied that it [illegible]... to the sick and buries the dead, [illegible]... all endowments promptly, according to law, and you cannot become [illegible]... beneficial when sick, for it never [illegible]... paying the members when they are sick.
This order also has a department for children to join. They have had a character granted by the Supreme Grand Lodge together with by laws, rules and regulations for the government of their lodge.
You can advance to higher degrees after joining this order at a small amount of cost. You can be a master worker if you will, be you a man or woman. Wait no longer, but join now, and help hold up the banner of justice and right. Twenty members compose a club, but there can be less by corresponding with the Supreme Board of Directors or lawful Deputy. Our joining fees are with the times and yet we pay larger sick benefits and never stop paying and give nicer burials and larger death claims than any other order we know of in America. Read our plans carefully, and then seek admission and all we claim will be proven. “Together we stand, divided we fall.” Founders of this grand an noble order of Seven Rising Sons of America-
W. P. Palmer, S. P. G. Pres.,
P. C. Carrington, S. P. G. Mang.
W. J. Hubbard, S. P. G. Treas.,
L. Z. Elam, S. P. G. F. S.
Board of Directors : W. P. Palmer, L. Z. Elam, W. J. Hubbard, Frank Foster, P. C. Carrington, J. R. Camble, I. M. Mebane.
Board of Managers: W. P. Palmer, P. C. Carrington, W. J. Hubbard, L. Z. Elam, Charlie Malone, William Houston, Ed. Chandler.
Lawful Deputies: Rev. C. N. Brown, 1020 E. Washington St., Greensboro, N. C., Rev. G. W. Poteat, 518 Craghead St., Danville, Va., Wm Houston, 158 Gilmer St., Greensboro, N. C., James Watkins, Danville, Va., Matthew Woody, Danville, Va., John Wade, Danville, Va., Aaron Green, Mt. Laurel, Va., R. T. Bowman, Clover, Va., Nannie Chandler, Clover, Va., John Sims, Scottsburg, Va.
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