Accuse New Cult Of Human Sacrifices

June 19, 1909


A new cult “Sect of the Crimson God” is investigated by police, and accused of practicing human sacrifices following “repeated disappearances of persons in the region where the sect is active.”


St. Petersburg, June 16. – Dispatches from Perm, European Russia, say the police have begun an investigation into the “Sect of the Crimson God,” the members of which are accused of human sacrifices and other horrible practices. Repeated disappearances of persons in the region where the sect is active drew suspicion to the organization, which worships a red wooden idol, colored with human blood. The police have found a secret grave, containing the mutilated body of a man supposed to have been sacrificed, and they expect to find others. The Ural region, of which Perm is the center, is the breeding ground for many fanatical cults. It is a meeting place of the pagan tribes of Asia, as well as persons who flee from Russia on account of religious persecution.
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“Accuse New Cult Of Human Sacrifices,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed June 7, 2023,