Hatters’ Strike Ends At Last

June 12, 1909


An agreement between United Hatters of North America and the manufacturers is reached after a strike that “has closed twenty-two hat factories.”


Danbury, Conn., June 9. – The strike that has closed twenty-two hat factories in this city, Bethel and New Milford for the past five months has practically ended. It was announced that an agreement had been reached between about fifteen of the manufacturing concerns and the national executive and advisory boards of the United Hatters of North America upon a plan settlement. The terms of settlement include an agreement on the part of the manufacturers to withdraw from the National Association of Hat Manufacturers, which can be done on ninety days’ notice. At present the members of the national association are under bonds of $25,000 not to use the union label of the United States. According to the terms of agreement the union employees are to return to work as individuals for ninety days in the factories entering into the settlement and after the withdrawal of the manufacturers from their national associations becomes effective all matters in dispute in the local factories will be arbitrated and the use of the union label will be resumed.
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