Thousands Massacred

May 8, 1909


Thousands of people in Asiatic Turkey are massacred due to the stage of siege, and warships now on their coasts as well.


Beirut, April 26. – The situation in Asiatic Turkey is one of extreme gravity. How many thousands have been, massacred cannot even be estimated, because disturbances have been so widespread that it is impossible to secure details of the happenings during the past ten days. The latest estimates of the number killed in the villayet of Adana reaches approximately 25,000, and thousands have been done to death in the towns and other districts. The state of siege, which several places are undergoing, has brought their inhabitants to the verge of starvation, and each day brings its tales of further atrocities and the depths of misery and despair to which the savagery of the fanatics has brought the people. Several warships are now in these waters, but the disorders are so far-reaching that the efforts of the powers to restore normal conditions have as yet hardly been felt.
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“Thousands Massacred,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed December 4, 2020,