Nearly Half Million Dollars Needed

February 6, 1909


Richmond’s Finance Committee is asked to put forth $425,000 for the construction of a new High School


The Finance Committee of the city of Richmond, will be asked to recommend the issuance of $425,000 worth of city bonds for the purpose of completing the White High School building and to renovate the old structures and to erect other buildings for the use of white and colored children of the city. Chairman H. R, Pollard, Jr., the chairman offered he resolution in the Common Council and there is a general understanding that it will be favorably acted upon by the Finance Committee. Two hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars of this amount will be used for the completion of the White High School building on Marshall St. It has already cost one hundred and one dollars and sixty cents, which means that sentiment more than financial ability has been governing somebody on the city council.
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“Nearly Half Million Dollars Needed,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed May 25, 2024,