The Dreyfus Muddle

September 10, 1898


Paris sends an update on the infamous Dreyfus affair.


General Zurlinden is the New French Minister of War.

Paris, Sept. 6. —When the cabinet met yesterday the minister of justice, M. Ferdinand Darrien, informed his colleagues of the receipt of Mme. Dreyfus’ request for a revision of the verdict against her husband. M. Sarrien promised to give a statement of the result of his examination into the matter at a meeting of the cabinet, to be convened after the minister of war should have been appointed.

The office of war minister was offered to Generals Zurlinden and Saussier and declined by them, but subsequently General Zurlinden yielded to the urgings of Premier Brisson.

After long conferenced with the premier, M. Brisson, and the minister of justice, M. Sarrien, General Zurlinden was interviewed by a newspaper representative. The general said that the minister of justice asked for the Dreyfus dossier. When these were given him, he added, he would study the documents carefully and inform himself thoroughly regarding the case before discussing it with the cabinet.

Opinions differ as to how the latest developments effect the situation. There is a rumor that General Zurlinden, the new minister for war, will advocate a mere annulling of the Dreyfus judgment and sentence as a safer way out of the imbroglio than a retrial involving all sorts of awkward revelations.
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