Colored Skin Made Lighter

January 2, 1909


An advertisement explains a natural way to make dark skin “a lighter natural color”.


For centuries the scientific men have been trying to make dark skin lighter colored not buy artificial whitening but a natural way. At last the chemical wonder CO of New York has discovered COMPLEXION WONDER, which does bring a lighter natural color every time it is applied. The effect is not artificial. The lighter coloring is natural. The effect on the colored countenance is magical. The CHEMICAL WONDER CO. Is the best friend the dark race ever had it has preparations for kinky hair which exactly suit colored people the WONDER COMB magnetic metallic helps to straighten hair, it costs only $.50 and will last a lifetime. The pomade called WONDER UNCURL, keeps hair straight and pliable. The WONDER COMB and WONDER UNCURL when used together will make any kinky hair dress well. If the hair is too short, use WONDER HAIR-GROW. This is a liquid fertilizer for the scalp just as fertilizers in the cornfield make corn stock grow so this liquid fertilizer the scalp and makes the hair grow longer.
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“Colored Skin Made Lighter ,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed December 4, 2020,