Colored Bishop Refused as a Guest in Three Boston Hotels.

February 8, 1896


A Bishop is thrice rejected from hotels, despite his lofty position, due to his race.


Boston. January 30th - William T. Ellis, a prominent member of the Boston Christian Endeavor Union, states that Bishop Benjamin W. Arnett, senior bishop of the African M. E. Church, was refused as a guest at the Adams House, at the Parker House, and at Young's Hotel, in this city, yesterday afternoon.
The clerks of the Adams House and of the Parker's deny that anybody is refused as a guest at their respective houses because of his color. The clerk at Young's admits the refusal, but asserts that the house was full at the time. The Bishop was finally admitted at the Revere House, but there he was invited to take his meals to his room.
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“Colored Bishop Refused as a Guest in Three Boston Hotels.,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed January 16, 2019,