Two Colored Men Lynched

February 1, 1896


In Mississippi, a white mob lynched two black men.


Jackson, Miss., Dec. 31. – News has just been received here of the lynching yesterday of Andrew Brown, a colored ex-convict and notorious cattle thief in Simpson county.
Brown attempted to sell three fat cattle at Westville, was arrested, and constables started with him a justice of the peace, near where the theft was committed.
En route he was taken from the officers by a mob, swung to a tree and riddled with bullets.
Meridian, Miss. Dec. 31 – Jim Lynch, a colored farm hand, residing twenty miles east of this place, was taken in the woods by about twenty five determined white men last night, and after being whipped with a cowhide until the blood was streaming from his body, was shot to death.
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“Two Colored Men Lynched,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed September 25, 2022,