The Southern Aid Society

December 30, 1899


An organization promises to "alleviates the wants of its members weekly while sick, and drying up the tears of their loved ones in death."


The Southern Aid Society of Virginia, Home Office: 504 N. Second Street,
Chartered Feb 25th, 1893, in the Courts of the city of Richmond, alleviates the wants of its members weekly while sick, and drying up the tears of their loved ones in death.

We do not claim to be the only organization of the kind, nor do we claim to be the best; for this would be somewhat egotistic. We say nothing against our contemporaries. We do not allow our agents to speak ill of others, if we know it. We do not expect all of the patronage of the 40,000 colored people in Richmond, nor of the vast number in the State. We do not refer you to any particular persons- or families who have received benefits as this would take too much valuable space. Our work speaks for itself. You wonder how the Society can afford to pay these large sick and burial fees? Ask your neighbor. Read our motto! Honestly will you always win. Have you tried it? If not, profit by our example! We have done, are doing, and expect to continue doing a profitable business. Will you join and share the profits with us? We want no invalids, as we are not running an Almshouse, hospital, nor a Home for Incurables. Our agents will call on you, and if you want to help yourself, give them your application. If you are residents of any of the cities named below, call on the following named gentlemen who are our representatives:
Over $5,000 put into the hands of the sick members this year alone and more than $150 paid in death claims. Is this worth thinking over? After having read these facts when we tell you that the Society does all that it promises; where is the room for doubt? We do not ask you to take what we say; but ask the people about us and then you’ll be satisfied. No murmuring with us. If a claim is due to-day, we pay to-day.
Some of the people say, “The Southern Aid Beats Them All.” These are not our words, but those of our members. Give us a trial.
The following well-known gentlemen constitute the Officers and Board of Directors who are responsible for the handling of business:

A Washington, Pres., T. M. Crump, Sec. & M’g’r.
William Trueheart, Vice-President; Walter E. Baker, Treasurer. Board of Directors Booker L. Jordan, Rev. Z.D. Lewis, D.D., Jas T. Carter, Rev. Sidney Stanton, Edward Stewart.
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