Magno’s Message

December 23, 1899


Mitchell writes of the joyous time that is religion and church during the holidays.


Wedding Bells Ring Loud and Clear.
‘Magno’s” Wish for a Merry Christmas- Other Notes from the Ward.

Our Sunday services good at all of our churches on last Sunday; but they promise to be better on next Sunday. The theme at all of the churches will hang on the “Birth of Christ.” They should be well attended.
Christmas entertainments will be held at all of our churches during next week.
The Hickory Hill Mission will have their Christmas entertainment on Christmas morning at 10:30. An excellent programme has been arranged for the occasion. All are welcomed.
The Moore St. and Fifth St. Baptist Churches will hold their last communion services for the year on next Sunday afternoon. The members of both churches are expected to be present.
Marriages seemed to have been one of the leading features of this section for several months past. It has been source of pleasure to the public to attend them.
The marriage of Rev. James H Holmes at the First Baptist Church on last Thursday night leaves two widowed pastors in this this city. “Ajax” can speak for one and the Far East the other. How stands the case, brethren?
We received invitations to the following marriages on last Thursday night: Rev. Dr. James Holmes and Mrs. Susanna Watkins; Mr. Percy Wilson and Miss Hattie Jones; Mr. Luther Allen and Miss Nellie Brown. We hope all a merry Christmas and a happy future.
To say that this week leads to social enjoyment would be but mildly putting it. A week when girls look to their fellows for the compliments of Christmas. The children look with anxious hearts for the gifts of Santa Clause.
Young men, it is Christmas times. Be sober-minded and not allow yourselves becomes obnoxious at no time. Be gentlemen.
Young girls, entertain our young men on a high order during the holiday. Don’t allow them to become intoxicated at your hands.
There is much sickness in this section at this time. Let us who are more fortunate carry to them some of the comforts of life. Remember, the poor you always have with you.
Quite a number of our girls who have been teaching in various parts of the country, have returned home to spend the holidays.
Mr. James White, a young business man of this section, who has been confined at home for several weeks, is much improved. He would be glad to see his friends at 12 West Federal Street.
We wish all a Merry Christmas. We have had many “abuses and threats” made against us this year for talk, but it will all be right by addressing Magno” the compliments of a Merry Christmas. Again, we wish you a Merry Christmas.
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