The Negro and the Sunny South

December 9, 1899


A advertisement for a book that "shows that man is the product of his natural and social surroundings," and "that the South is no exception to the general rule."


The Greatest tribute and defence ever written for the man in black. The Greatest sensation of the age, on the greatest social theme of modern times- The Negro Problem in the Sunny South, this priceless production grandly gives the conditions, the triumphs, the prospects, hopes and aims of the Negro in this United States. Every White and Colored man should read this matchless book. It sublimely shows that man is the product of his natural and social surroundings, that the South is no exception to the general rule.
It gives the grandest explanation of the Negro Problems in all its forms; the most thrilling pen pictures of the most frightful cruelties and crimes against the Colored race, the most marvelous achievements of the Negro’s wisdom genius, heart, and brain- without a parallel in the history of the world since man has kept a record of events. The great and grand solution of the Negro Problem in peerless eloquence and a loftiness o’ thought that is immortal and sublime. The subject and sequence of the mighty theme are the universal equality and eternal rights and liberties of man, royally written, prettily printed and beautifully bound in paper and cloth, and displays the highest skill in the printer’s art, Coth. $1.00; Paper, 50cts- with author’s portrait. Agents Wanted. Discount to Dealers and the trade.
C.C. ROSS, Publisher.
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“The Negro and the Sunny South,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed January 16, 2019,