Be Not Deceived

December 9, 1899


An advertisement that offers a skin care, hair care, and odor care all in one.


RECOGNIZING THE FACT that there are many so called hair growers and straighteners now being offered on the market, and knowing to a certainty that most of these are frauds pure and simple. We wish to make a straight-forward statement to the colored people of America, through its best paper, the RICHMOND PLANET.
In the year of 1871 our present Secretary through a fortunate circumstance required the receipt for OZONO. It was not offered for sale or pushed to any extent until 1875 when it was put upon the market, and met with marked success. After a thorough test by the leading colored people of that time, it was pronounced an honest, legitimate remedy. True to all we claimed for it and worthy in every respect of the confidence and attention of every member of the colored race. Because they found it to cause their hair to GROW LONG AND STRAIGHT soft and fine and as beautiful as an April morning. It also cures all forms of itching, humiliating scalp diseases,s tops the hair from falling out, and causes a new growth to grow on the baldest head. Now, when ever a genuine article appears on the market. There are always a lot of people who imitate and make capital out of the merit of other peoples goods. Seeing our marked success numerous so-called hair growers and hair straighteners were put on the market. Of course the colored people had no way to tell that they were being fooled and bought most of them to their sorrow.
Now we ask you a plain question. Would we absolutely agree to refund you your money provided you are not satisfied with the preparations we manufacture if our goods were not true to all we claim for them. We assert right here that we have advertised for nearly 24 years offering to return the money for every case in which Orzono did not give satisfaction and we have never yet had to refund the money. Ozono will positively take the Kinks out of Knotty, Kinky, Curly, Refractory Hair. It will make short, harsh, hair; long and straight. It will cure your head of all itching, worrying, running scalp diseases, Eczema, Pimples, Dandruff, Itch, &c.
It will stop your hair from falling out and keep it from falling out. It will restore gray hair to its natural color, making the hair Long and Soft, Fine and Silky and as beautiful as an April morning. 10,000 people are to-day using Ozono and not one complaint. We have thousands of testimonials. We have space to publish. Rev. B. Hertz an eminent Colored Divine of the Church writes. I have found your Ozono to prove satisfactory in every particular.
Kate W. Page, Blacksburg, Va., writes:- Your preparation has proven true to all you claim for it.
The price of ozomo is 50c a box. It takes from 3 to 4 boxes to accomplish the treatment. We make this liberal offer good only up to Jan. 10, 1899. Cut out this Coupon and send it to us with $1.00 and we will forward you 4 boxes of Ozono and one bottle of Electrical Skin Refiner which makes black skin bright, rough skin soft and pliant and cures all skin diseases. We will also include one fancy jar of our Electrical Skin Food- nature’s great beautifier, removes Wrinkles, Moth patches, freckles and all facial blemishes, and to prove our liberality we will add to this one Package of Anti-Odor. A positive cure for Sore Throat, all forms of Womb Diseases, Chilblains, Sore Throat, Sore and Frosted Feet, also Removes all Smells and Odors arising from the human body such as Feet, Arm Pits, etc.
Remember we will refund the money if you are not pleased with the goods and positively this offer is not good if you do not send in your order on or before Jan. 10th. Cut out and mail this Coupon to us with One Dollar and get this grand Combination Offer, as this opportunity will not occur again.
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