College Figures

October 28, 1899


Mitchell quotes many statistics from the nation’s top colleges, and concludes that “the student cannot hope to know it all.”


Dartmouth’s new freshman class has 196 members.
Mount Holyoke college began its new year with 562 students.
Radcliffe now offers 130 courses for women, an increase of 15 over last year.
Harvard has 394 instructors; Yale, 245; Pennsylvania, 245; Michigan, 157, and Chicago, 175.
During the last six years the value of the property of 19 leading colleges has increased 37 per cent.
In answer to an inquiry the authorities of Cornell university have just calculated that a good student could take all the courses which were offered when he was a freshman in just 110 years. This is a rather forcible suggestion as universities are now conducted the student cannot hope to know it all.
The college graduates of the country make a pretty good part of the population, and Harvard takes the lead with a total of 22,287 graduates. Yale has sent out into the world 18,480 men, and Columbia 15,981. Princeton has graduated 7,500 students; Dartmouth, 8,504; Brown, 4,900; Bowdoin, 4,619; Amherst, 4,000, and Washington university, 3,436.
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“College Figures,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed June 20, 2024,