Colored Preacher Lynched

September 19, 1896


Two black Methodist preachers were assaulted by a gang of lynchers, one was killed by them and the other died later of complications.


Dublin Ga., August 29 - A colored preacher was lynched, and the shock sustained by his companion caused the latter's death, fifteen miles from here today. The two colored men, William Wright and Enoch Arline, both Methodist preachers went to Wilkinson county to attend a protracted meeting. They were on their return home when suddenly. a band of men confronted them, stopped the horse, pulled Arline from the vehicle and carried him to a dense thicket beside the road.
Here the mob threw a rope around his neck and, without giving him a moment to pray pulled him up the tree, and kept the unfortunate preacher there until death relieved his sufferings.
As soon as this was accomplished the mob rushed to get Wright but he escaped by lashing his horse and getting out of their reach. He was badly frightened and on reaching home complained of feeling ill, and in two hours he was dead, death ensuing from pure fright and the horrible sight witnessed by him of Arline's fate. The colored people are much wrought up over the affair and demand a rigid investigation. The cause of Arline's lynching cannot be learned.
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“Colored Preacher Lynched,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed September 25, 2022,