As They Tell It

October 31, 1896


Tensions build in Greenwood, Mississippi, after a black man in lynched and a white man is shot.


Greenwood, Miss., Oct. 21. - Yesterday a white man named J. H. Rook was shot and killed by a colored man on the place of Rook, near Sunnyside, Leflore county. Mr. Rook, as far as it known was reprimanding a colored woman at her home, when this colored man interfered and the shooting commenced, the colored man being in the house and Mr. Rook on the outside. Rook was shot down and killed. Last night a posse took the man and hung him.
To-day a gentleman in Greenwood received a telegram from another gentleman near Sunnyside, stating that he had received a letter from a colored man living near there, containing information that the colored people had challenged the whites to a riot. Such was the nature of the telegram that a number of white men left to day for that part of the country.
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“As They Tell It,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed October 20, 2019,