Prof. Mitchell and the Negro

November 7, 1903


John Mitchell voices his disagreements to the “unconstitutional ‘Constitutional’ Convention”.


Prof. Mitchell and the Negro.
It seems strange that the Negro should as yet be the subject for discussion in this state despite the fact that he has been practically disfranchised, and as the political orators glowingly describe it, all danger of his supremacy has been eliminated by the unconstitutional “Constitutional” Convention.
While we deprecate the discussion of him as tending to emphasize conditions from which we would hope to escape, still, the remarkable utterances of Prof. S.C. Mitchell before the Baptist Ministers Conference, Monday morning, November 2, 1903 upon the subject, “Proposed Solutions of the Negro Problem,” proves conclusively that all southern white men have not “bowed the knee” to the Baal of race prejudice.
This learned scholar has the courage of his convictions, and spoke with a fervor and boldness, born of knowledge, and nourished by the spirit of true religion. After stating the three periods into which Hegel divides the history of the world he remarked:…
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“Prof. Mitchell and the Negro,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed May 20, 2019,