Shall We Nominate a Candidate?

August 11, 1894


With the disunity in the Democratic party in the upcoming Congressional election, Republicans are considering fielding a candidate for the upcoming election.


The question now presenting itself to the Republican voters of this District in particular and the Republican District Committee in particular is “Shall we nominate a candidate for Congress?”
The Democratic party is in a condition of apathy and men who were foremost in making sacrifices for the good of the caise are now sulking in their tents.
Shall we take advantage of the opportunity and nominate a republican or shall we declare it to be inexpedient to make a nomination and leave the matter to the dissatisfied Democrats, who rally under the banner of the Populists and the regulars who refused to profit by the present experience of hard times?
In such an event the Republicans will be expected to hold the balance of power and do much towards the settling of the contest.
It is unquestionably a fact that the new law to which the name of Walton is attached will be worked for all it is worth as against the Populist and the Republicans, and fraud will unquestionably figure most conspicuously in Richmond city.
Can we win with such as against us and with Col. Tazewell Ellett as the standard bearer of Democracy?
These questions require an answer before it can cen be intelligently decided as to whether ot not a republican convention should be held and a candidate placed in field.
Furthermore, whom can we nominate?
If the nominee is to run for patronage, rather than for the office, not much significance can be attached to this question, but if he is to runwith a sincere desire and an earnest expectation of being lected, we must necessarily go slow in slectng the timber which is to be used in the contest.
“An unobjectional condidate if you want to win!” has been the cry.
A man for whom the business men and the artisans can vote is the one to nominate.
If this be true, where can we find the man?
How will we unite the rank and file of the Republican Party upon such a candidate?....
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“Shall We Nominate a Candidate?,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed October 27, 2020,