Three Colored Men Lynched

December 5, 1903


After being accused of fatally shooting a white man, three black men are to be lynched in Louisiana.


Three Colored Men Lynched:
Phil Davis, Walter Carter and Clint Thomas, colored men, were lynched near Belcher, Louisiana, which is twenty miles from Shreveport, Nov. 30th upon the charge of having fatally shot a white man named Robert Adger. Twelve hundred white and colored people witnessed the execution which partook of the nature of a picnic.
Colored men are alleged to have taken a part in the man-hunt and so valuable were the services of one of them in this particular that he was presented with a purse of $100. This is the particular part of southern life. We do not know of a Negro killing of this sort, but what some other Negro did not make himself one of the leading characters in hunting the alleged culprit to his death.
Some people would naturally conclude that this would have a tendency to relieve the colored people in that locality of all responsibility for the action of the guilty party, but it does not. On the other hand, the Negro-haters become more intolerant and it is not many days or weeks before some overt act on the part of the white hoodlums precipitates more blood-shed with the consequent slaughter of the innocent...
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“Three Colored Men Lynched,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed December 5, 2021,