Mrs. Josephine Graham

January 6, 1901


The Courts of Calanthe deem Mrs. Josephine Graham an honorable leader and Christian.


Mrs Josephine Graham
A popular Lady.
No lady has become more popular and endeared to the christian community in the city of RIchmond than has Mrs. Josephine Graham, the wife of Dr. W. F. Graham. In the circles of the Pythian Courts of Calanthe she plays a most important part, being the founder of several Courts, a recognized leader among them and the Grand Worthy Receiver of Deposits of the State body.
In church society she is well known for her good works. As a member of the Fifth Street Baptist Church for years she has led the Willing Workers Club, and under her leadership they have raised for the Fifth Baptist Church nearly $4000.00. On New Year’s night, while a most successful entertainment was being given at that church under her management, a large number of friends and members were on their way to her home with most valuable presents and New Year Happy Greetings.
The Macedonian Club were the leaders in this movement. They presented among other things a costly candelabrum of silver, which burns five candles stating that “In appreciation of your faithfulness as our Church worker and the respect in which you are still held by our members, we present you this gift hoping we may ever live in the mind of you and our beloved ex-pastor, as you both are in the minds of the people.”
Having spent a most pleasant evening Happy Greetings were exchanged and neat little speeches were made by Mr. R.H. Fauntleroy and Mrs. Graham.
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