A White Man’s Crime.

August 4, 1900


A white musical director is “charged with committing a criminal assault” and “placed under arrest and is incarcerated.”


A White Man’s Crime.
To be Tried in United States Court Bound with Rope
Newport News, Va., July 30—(Special)—Old Point Comfort was thrown into a state of excitement this morning when it became known that F. S. Oliver, the musical director of the W.T. Carleton Opera Co. which is playing a summer engagement of operatic vaudevilles at the Chamberlin Hotel and at the Casino in this city, had been placed under arrest and is incarcerated in the prison at Fort Monroe, charged with committing a criminal assault on Amelia Donati, daughter of Charles Donati, of Richmond, one of the promoters of the summer season of opera. The girl is very pretty, and only ten years old.
The arrest of the musical director caused no end of gossip at the Point, but not until he was locked up was the nature of the alleged crime made known. Oliver came here from New York to lead the orchestra for Mr. Carleton, the well known baritone, and became popular socially. The hotel people endeavored to keep the gravity of the offence charged from the guests, and declined to give out any information about the arrest, but the news finally leaked out. It is alleged that Oliver enticed the girl to the rear of the large hotel. This morning Mr. Donati the father made known the fact of the alleged assault to Assistant-Manager Wood, acting in the absence of Mana-Campbell, and the letter called on the authorities at the Fort to arrest Oliver.
A sergeant and two privates were dispatched to the hotel, where they found Oliver waiting, in the manager’s office, having been summoned there to await the arrival of the officer. His hands were tied with rope, and he was led to the dungeon cell at the Fort, where he was incarcerated. The prisoner will have to be tried in the United States Court, as the Chamberlin Hotel is on government reservation. He will be given a hearing in the morning before United States Commissioner Tucker for a preliminary hearing. An extra guard has been stationed at the fort prison to protect the prisoner. No attempt at violence is apprehended.
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