To Meet to Disfranchise Us.

July 21, 1900


The Virginia legislature works to hurt black men and “the class of white men who are counted in from localities having black populations.”


As the time is approaching for Gov. Tyler to decide when he will call the legislature to meet to provide for the holding of the unconstitutional “constitutional” convention in this state the colored people are left to wonder what it all means.
It has been alleged that the measure was passed solely for the purpose of disfranchising the citizen of color, but the more the matter is investigated, the more it is becoming evident that our people will not be the only ones who will be injured by the proposed reforms. It seems that the office-holders and the bosses have been drawing much money from the state treasury at the expense of the wealthy classes and the corporations. It seems also that the class of white men who are counted in from localities having black populations are of the most selfish kind and all legislation in which they are interested is expected and made to pay in keeping with their inordinate desires.
The moneyed classes, becoming tired of this, took the Negro-scare crow out of its usual abiding place, hired men to dance up and down a few times and immediately the sordid crowd not comprehending the motive joined in the cry against the Negro, and declared the call for a constitutional convention adopted, although it was thought then and known now that the measure was defeated.
After the work was done, the Negro-haters began to think, and they are still thinking, for the mask has been thrown off, and the announcement is made that the question of disfranchising the Negro is secondary alongside of other matters which will engage the attention of that unconstitutional body.
Already there is a most vigorous discussion as to the kind of men to be sent to the convention, —whether they shall be lawyers, statemen or the average ward politician.
If the machine called the convention, we cannot see that the machine can be prevented from naming the men who are to compose its membership.
Colored men are to be eliminated from and denied admission to the convention.
Class proscription is to be the leading feature of the hour, and there are white men who are simple enough to believe that such temporary expedients can be made lasting.
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