Was the Whole Thing.”

July 7, 1900


A black man rides in his own coach after “refusing” to ride in a coach full of white emigrants and takes “evident relish” in the rebellion.


A singular case is said to have occurred at the C. & O. Depot of this city. One colored passenger was in a coach and the company placed white emigrants in the car. The colored man protested and refused to ride with them.
The leaving time was at hand, but they had to send up to the shop a mile away and bring down one whole coach for the benefit of that one lone colored brother, who went into it with evident satisfaction and rode the distance with evident relish.
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“Was the Whole Thing.”,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed December 9, 2022, https://blackvirginia.richmond.edu/items/show/1313.