Black Skin Remover

November 27, 1897


An advertisement explains the benefits of its’ product that will change a black person’s skin “five shades whiter.”


A Negro Need Not Complain Any Longer of Black Skin

This preparation, if used as directed will turn the skin of a black person four or five shades whiter, and that of mulattoes perfectly white. It also removes wrinkles from the face and makes the skin beautiful. Any person using it can see the result in forty-eight hours.
It does not turn the skin in spots but bleaches out white. It is a very good thing for weak eyes if allowed to get in the eye while washing the face.
One box of this powder is all that is required, if used as directed, the skin remaining beautiful without continual use, and is perfectly harmless.
Direction and preparation will be sent to any address on receipt of $2.00 or C.O.D.
Thomas Beard,
[illegible] W. Broad Street, Richmond, Va.
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“Black Skin Remover,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed October 27, 2020,