Cultivate Happiness

January 25, 1908


Advice claiming that making others happy will in turn, make women happier as well.


Every girl can do one thing well if she will only take the trouble to find what that thing is.
There are great talents in reach, if one will only look, and these talents may be a comfort in dark hours that will make life better and happier, both for ourselves and those about us.
It is the girl who does things that is attractive.
This does not mean painting great pictures or singing in grand operas or writing the popular book, but it does mean cultivating the faculty of saying bright things, playing light, catchy airs, acquiring the art of being sympathetic.
The girl who outs her own griefs as much as possible aside-- who takes a wholesome interest in life, who cultivates looking for the best in people with whom she comes in contact-- is happier herself and makes those about her happy.
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“Cultivate Happiness,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed June 20, 2024,