Will Not Interfere

August 30, 1902


J.P. Morgan meets for conferences about the coal miner strike, concluding that “he positively will not in any way interfere with the progress of the strike.”


J.P. Morgan Approves Operators' Course in Coal Strike.
Railroad Presidents Confer
Mr. Baer says operators have not changed their attitude, and their purpose to refuse arbitration is as firm as ever.

New York, Aug. 27-- George F. Baer president of the Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company, and the recognized leader of the fight of the coal operators against the anthracite miners of Pennsylvania, arrived in this city yesterday from Philadelphia, and after transacting some business at his office went to the office of J. P. Morgan in Wall Street and conferred with the great financier.
Mr. Steele, of the firm of J.P. Morgan & Co., and Mr. Stotesbury, the Philadelphia partner of Mr. Morgan's firm, were also present.
It was learned late yesterday afternoon that another conference was held at the offices of the Ontario and Western Company. Those attending this meeting were President Fowler, of the Ontario and Western; President Baer of the Philadelphia and Reading, and President Truesdale, of the Deleware, Lackawanna and Western.
Later President Baer was seen. He said: "We have simply exchanged notes regarding the strike of the anthracite miners. The situation is unchanged. The assumption that my visit to J.P. Morgan signified a change in our attitude to the strike is entirely erroneous. I had not seen Mr. Morgan since his return from Europe, and was naturally anxious to talk with him with regard to his general situation.
"I will say that our fixed purpose to refuse to arbitrate this dispute is as firm as ever. There will be no arbitration. We will not allow it. Generally speaking, we are satisfied with conditions."
From another and equally reliable source it was learned that Mr. Morgan declared yesterday that he positively will not in any way interfere with the progress of the strike of the miners. He has expressed to the coal magnates his general approval of the conduct of their side of the struggle. The authority for his statement is a coal president, who declined to allow the use of his name in this connection.
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