The National Afro-American Council

August 2, 1902


“In the midst of anarchist conditions,” where mobs roam and people disregard the law, it is “especially unfortunate” that the latest meeting for the National Afro-American Council sparked disagreement among the members over office positions.


The recent meeting of the National Afro-American Council seems to have been anything but a success, if we are to judge by the unfavorable reports of the meeting sent out. It is especially unfortunate at this time. We are in the midst of anarchistic conditions. Mobs are roaming over the land and the laws are being flagrantly disregarded.
Bishop Walters had succeeded in establishing confidence in the organization and understood thoroughly the difficulties to be confronted. It now seems that he either wearied of the of the task or presumed that the work could be carried on by a shifting of positions. He is now chairman of the Executive Committee and the former chairman is now President of the organization.
Mr. T. Thomas Fortune, the newly elected official is the most brilliant Afro-American journalist in this country and his fidelity to the race admits of no question. He thoroughly understands the work and the machinery of the organization is not in untried or inexperienced hands.
We wish him success. The most distressing part of these national gatherings of colored men and women is the inordinate desire for office and the consequent unfavorable reports sent out by those who are disappointed. Let us hope that peace will prevail and harmony reign in the camps of our oppressed and down-trodden people. Let us be for ourselves and then others will be for us.
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“The National Afro-American Council,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed February 20, 2024,