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May 15, 1897

The Planet emphasizes the racism of the Richmond Dispatch and talks about their “chronic attacks of Negro-phobia.”

July 27, 1895

A white special constable was caught defrauding a colored man out of his ballot, but the case was never sent to the grand jury.

February 16, 1895

The Attorney General of Virginia argues that it is lawful to present several types of ballots, though the law states that there should only be one.

February 10, 1894

The Planet poses questions regarding the fairness of elections in the Richmond area.

February 17, 1906

A meeting was held in New York to discuss suffrage, and the goal was to achieve "righteous liberty of political action without distinction or color.

July 28, 1894

Men are convicted of electoral fraud in precincts in Henrico county, and receive a fine of $10 and one day in jail.

April 6, 1895

Votes for a primary election in Henrico County, Virginia, are publicly being sold without challenges to the lawfulness of the act.

January 2, 1904

Maryland disenfranchises 30,000 “Negroes” through literacy tests.

November 18, 1899

Mitchell condemns the Richmond Times Dispatch for inconsistencies, and says that it has "dropped to the advocacy of a national wrong."

October 31, 1903

The Democratic Party of Virginia” holds an “unconstitutional ‘Constitutional’ Convention” to discuss how blacks are the “‘hindering cause’ in the way of a pure election”.
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