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February 10, 1894

The Planet poses questions regarding the fairness of elections in the Richmond area.

February 17, 1894

Federal Election Laws are being repealed,. which brings the possibility of greater voter fraud in elections.

March 10, 1894

A new law threatens to prevent illiterate voters from accurately voting by themselves, having their ballots manipulated.

March 17, 1894

The Watson Bill passes in the Virginia Legislature, which aims to manipulate the ballot from illiterate men, who are mostly black.

July 28, 1894

Men are convicted of electoral fraud in precincts in Henrico county, and receive a fine of $10 and one day in jail.

August 4, 1894

An election in Harrisonburg, VA results in the election of a Democratic mayor and Republican treasurer; it is the first election to occur under a new election law that aims to disenfranchise black voters.

August 4, 1894

After black men are elected to replace white men in Norfolk’s city council, the Democrats are taken aback and backlash.

January 5, 1895

White political leaders target the black community with educational requirement to vote.

January 12, 1895

Intended “reforms” in voting policies backfire as the number of voters drops.

February 16, 1895

The Attorney General of Virginia argues that it is lawful to present several types of ballots, though the law states that there should only be one.
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