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August 4, 1894

After black men are elected to replace white men in Norfolk’s city council, the Democrats are taken aback and backlash.

July 28, 1894

Men are convicted of electoral fraud in precincts in Henrico county, and receive a fine of $10 and one day in jail.

August 4, 1894

An election in Harrisonburg, VA results in the election of a Democratic mayor and Republican treasurer; it is the first election to occur under a new election law that aims to disenfranchise black voters.

November 16, 1895

Nine of the thirteen states which had elections voted overwhelmingly Republican.

November 9, 1895

The Planet comments on the disenfranchisement of black voters in South Carolina.

October 5, 1895

After laboring for weeks to eliminate African Americans voting rights the South Carolina Constitutional Convention believes they have succeeded.

December 12, 1903

White mobs “drove away” black men attempting to “pay the poll taxes” in order to vote by threatening them with shotguns at the entrance of “the county treasury”.

August 10, 1895

The Planet believes the promotion of fair elections are “excellent” after the meeting of the Fair Elections conference in Petersburg, Virginia.

July 27, 1895

A white special constable was caught defrauding a colored man out of his ballot, but the case was never sent to the grand jury.

July 13, 1895

The Planet refutes an argument printed in the Washington Post on the disenfranchisement of African American voters.
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