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November 18, 1899

Mitchell condemns the Richmond Times Dispatch for inconsistencies, and says that it has "dropped to the advocacy of a national wrong."

February 17, 1894

Federal Election Laws are being repealed,. which brings the possibility of greater voter fraud in elections.

October 31, 1896

In Smithers precinct, excuses are used to stop eligible black men from voting.

February 10, 1894

The Planet poses questions regarding the fairness of elections in the Richmond area.

March 17, 1894

The Watson Bill passes in the Virginia Legislature, which aims to manipulate the ballot from illiterate men, who are mostly black.

March 10, 1894

A new law threatens to prevent illiterate voters from accurately voting by themselves, having their ballots manipulated.

November 28, 1903

Henrico is accused of being “the worst [county] so far as political recognition of the [black] brother is concerned”; the county spreads the notion that black people are “so corrupt and so addicted to selling their votes” and should therefore be…

November 7, 1903

John Mitchell voices his disagreements to the “unconstitutional ‘Constitutional’ Convention”.

November 21, 1896

This article speaks of the white reaction to the scandal of the disfranchisement faced by black voters in the 1896 presidential election.

November 7, 1896

A commentary on voter fraud and disenfranchisement during the 1896 presidential election.
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