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November 24, 1900

A black man, his “white daughter-in-law,” and son are receiving $1000 “for personal injuries sustained at the hands of a mob of whites,” after the “Smith anti-lynching law” is implemented.

May 30, 1908

500 foreigners are “invited” to watch Felix Radzius, a Polish man, get hanged for his murder of a woman and her child.

November 28, 1908

After allegedly murdering two police officers, three black men are brutally beaten and lynched by a mob minutes after their trial ends.

August 13, 1904

The Planet suggests “if Virginia proposes to permit the execution of children, it would be well for the world to know it” after color boy is killed without trial.

February 3, 1894

A black man is held accountable for his attempted lynching at his home.

August 31, 1895

A mob of black men take a black man from jail with no resistance and lynch him before he is able to go on trial.

July 7, 1894

A man, who is accused of outraging a white woman, is lynched upon his arrival into town.

March 27, 1897

A black preacher, charged with assault, is lynched in Scottsboro, Alabama.

May 19, 1894

A group of white men kill a black man after he refuses them entry into his home.

February 1, 1902

Two white men wildly accused black men of stealing their hogs without proof, immediately attempting to arrest and kill them. Suddenly one of the black men shoots the white man. They hang three random black men without confirmation that they were the…
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